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Customer Guide to Re-Wiring

Housing Worx will contact you if your home is due for a complete re-wire, or if an electrical safety test indicates a re-wire is necessary.

We keep up to date information about the condition of homes, which allows us to prioritise the work we will do. If we are planning to carry out any work on your home, we will write to you telling you what work we will be doing and when it will happen.

Step 1 – Survey visit

Housing Worx will contact you to arrange a survey visit. At the survey stage, you will be advised how the install will be carried out and what choices you have regarding the installation of any new sockets and their locations.

The surveyor will explain two installation methods. You can choose which method you would prefer in each room. The two methods are:

Wall mounted: this method helps protect your decoration. The wiring is mounted directly on to the wall and ceiling and new wiring is protected with a white plastic cover. Disruption is kept to a minimum but the protective cover will be visible.

Chasing: this involves burying the wiring under plaster. It is a dusty job and affects decoration but leaves a neater finish which can be decorated over.

An installation date will be agreed with you during the survey visit.

Step 2 – Before the work starts - your responsibilities

To protect your possessions from damage, the surveyor will show you the areas of your home that you need to clear for the electricians to work in. Wall pictures, ornaments and other personal items need to be packed away for safety until the work is complete. If you are in doubt, pack it away just in case.

Step 3 – During the work - your responsibilities

Please keep children and pets away from areas where testing or work is taking place.
Be aware of trip hazards and do not touch any materials or power tools. Please take extra care where floorboards are lifted.

Step 4 – What to expect when work starts

The work will take two to three days, and it will be carried out by two electricians.

The electricians will need access to your loft and any floorboarding in the loft will be temporarily removed. Laminate flooring will also need to be lifted in order to run cables underneath.

Your carpets and furniture will be protected by carpet protection and dust sheets. The electricians will clean up after any dusty work and leave your home tidy at the end of each working day.

In addition to renewing the wiring throughout your home, we will also install new sockets, light switches, low-energy light fittings, ceiling smoke detectors, bathroom light and shower pull cords, a kitchen heat detector and a new metal fuse board, as well as a strip light in the kitchen and pendant lights in all rooms. Your own light fittings can be reconnected if they pass a safety test.

Step 5 – After the work is complete

The electricians will ensure that they leave no mess behind when they leave.

Housing Worx will ask you to fill in a customer satisfaction form. It is important for us to receive your feedback.