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Customer Guide to Roofing Works

A re-roofing project is being delivered through Housing Worx and is intended to enhance the appearance of the area as well as upgrading the resistance to wind and rain.

We keep up to date information about the condition of homes, which allows us to prioritise the work we will do. If we are planning to carry out any work on your home, we will write to you telling you what work we will be doing and when it will happen.

Step 1 – Survey visit

Housing Worx will contact you to arrange a survey visit.

The surveyor will check for any unusual features in your roof, work out material requirements and make a note of any other technical information that they need to be aware of before the work starts. Scaffolding will have to be erected to carry out this work.

PLEASE NOTE that workmen will need to access your home to carry out the survey before work starts.

It is very important that you keep the survey appointment. If you can not make the date then please contact us as soon as possible.

Step 2 – Start date

Housing Worx will contact you to arrange a start date for the work to take place.

They will also contact you to let you know when scaffolding will be erected and dismantled.

Step 3 – Before work starts – your responsibilities

The surveyor will take you through the process and explain what is required and what Housing Worx can do to support you to prepare for the work.

Step 4 – During the work – your responsibilities

Whilst the work is in progress the outside of your home is hazardous, so please keep children and pets away from areas where work is taking place.
Be aware of potential trip hazards and that work is going on overhead.
Please do not touch any materials, particularly machinery, sealants or tools.
At the end of every day the workforce will leave the outside of your home safe and tidy.

Step 5 – What to expect when work starts

The work will take approximately 18 working days to complete – most of these are for erecting and dismantling the scaffolding.
Removal of the existing roof and installation of the new roof varies from 5 to 10 days and depends on type of the tiles required and the size and shape of the roof.
The roofing teams work between 8.00am to 4.30pm.

PLEASE NOTE that some heating systems may need to be turned off daily during the work.
Using chutes running from the scaffolding to a skip, the workmen will remove and renew roof tiles, worn out felt and batons, rotten timber, soffits, facias and rainwater goods.
Workmen will also re-point chimney stacks, repair leading, tile bay windows and remove and re-fix aerials.

Step 6 – When the work is complete

When the work is complete the SARH Contracts Manager will inspect and approve the work and ask you to fill in a customer satisfaction form. It is important to us that you fill in this form so that we can use your feedback to keep improving our services to our customers.
PLEASE NOTE that workmen will need to access your home to carry out a survey after they finish the work. A SARH Gas Engineer will also require access to check your heating is working correctly.

For more information abou the Home Improvement Programme please contact us.