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SARH holds ‘Tea and Talk’ Language Sessions

Residents who speak little or no English are getting help to improve their language skills.

Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) – in partnership with Stafford Children’s Centre – are running ‘Tea and Talk’ sessions for people who do not speak English as their first language.

The sessions take place at Stafford Children’s Centre in Farraday Road, Stafford.

Chris Plant, Customer Participation Manager for SARH, said: “There is a wide range of people from different nationalities and cultures living within Stafford and we want to help bring these different communities closer together.

“By supporting those who want to improve their English we hope we can help them to communicate and integrate more easily with the wider local community.”

The sessions are also a good opportunity for people to socialise and chat with each other and those with children aged under-five can also bring their youngsters to come and play.

Amanda Rowley, Extended Services Manager for Stafford Children’s Centre, said: “The Children’s Centre also offers the opportunities for those parents with under-five’s to get to know their local Children’s Centre and the wide variety of activities and support available to their family.”

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