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SARH makes the case for the Living Wage

The national minimum wage has been around for a number of years now, but thousands of business and other organisations have recognised that it’s simply not enough to enable their employees to meet the rising cost of living, writes SARH Chief Executive Karen Armitage.

At Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) we’ve been at the forefront of efforts to raise levels of pay for all employees and were amongst the first employers in Staffordshire to champion the Real Living Wage.

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As the country marks National Living Wage Week (November 5-10) it’s important to highlight the fact that paying more than the minimum wage is not just the ‘right thing to do’ but also a sound business decision.

At SARH we firmly believe that our greatest asset is our staff, and our commitment to the Living Wage is backed by a wide range of initiatives aimed at improving health and wellbeing alongside ongoing training and career development.

This ensures we can attract and retain the best and most motivated people, which has a direct benefit to the customers we serve. Such an approach also has the benefit of reducing the costs associated with high staff turnover and absenteeism through ill health.

We believe these benefits more than outweigh the initial costs of introducing the Living wage, which currently stands at £8.75 outside London, compared to the legal requirement of £7.05 per hour for under 25s and £7.50 for older workers.

By helping to retain staff loyalty and morale we’re confident in our ability to continue improving our services by making every contact with customers count.

At the same time, promoting and paying a Living Wage contributes to a healthier and wealthier society that’ll help to make the Stafford area and even better place to live and work.

Karen Armitage is Chief Executive of Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH), the area’s leading provider of affordable homes.

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