News archive | Top cat ‘Posh’ a popular resident at Marston Court

Top cat ‘Posh’ a popular resident at Marston Court

A STRAY cat is proving to be a ‘puurfect’ member of the community at Marston Court 13 years after he was adopted by residents living there.

The cat, called Posh, was taken in by customers at the Stafford and Rural Homes Independent Living Scheme as he regularly visited the garden on the hunt for food.

“He was a very young and wild cat back then but residents took to him and started to feed him and eventually he became tame,” said Maggie Francis, Independent Living Co-ordinator for SARH at Marston Court.

Posh – named after Posh Spice as residents thought he was female at first – still won’t venture inside the complex at Marston Court but he sleeps in the garden under a canopy and regularly greets visitors at the entrance.

“I never walk past Posh without saying hello to him and giving him a stroke,” said Barbara Waltho, 66, who has lived at Marston Court for three years.

Such is Posh’s popularity there is even a collecting tin inside Marston Court where residents can make donations for his food and treats.

Residents are also planning to hold a table top sale to raise money to feed him.

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