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Uninvited Traders told: Stay away from our doors

Customers of Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) – working in partnership with Staffordshire Police – have declared Oxleathers Court a ‘No Uninvited Traders Zone’ and have put up signs warning off rogue traders, cold callers and distraction burglars.

June Bradshaw, 77, said: “Before this campaign started we used to get people trying to sell things coming to Oxleathers Court regularly and some could be very intimidating so it is a real comfort that the police and SARH have been working together to help us tackle the problem.”

Customers have also been given information packs that include stickers for their doors which warn visitors they won’t buy goods and services from cold callers.

“Although we feel safe in sheltered accommodation anything that makes us safer is a bonus and this initiative has definitely made a difference as no-one has called at my door selling things since the signs were put up,” said June.

Patrick Connor, Staffordshire Police Neighbourhood Community Officer, who has helped to set up the initiative, said: “This campaign is all about making people feel safe in their communities and letting them know that they have the backing of local police when it comes to dealing with people trying to fraudulently sell goods on their doorstep. ”

“Older people in particular tend to be targeted by distraction burglars and rogue traders , I’m glad that the scheme has had such a positive impact at Oxleathers Court.”

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